Brexit dominated the headlines until the pandemic stopped Europe in its tracks. The impact of the UK leaving the EU will be felt for generations, none more so than in Ireland. Yet in midst of the political turmoil, lies potential opportunities for Irish businesses.

We'll explore how extra paperwork is lucrative for one custom agent, yet a nightmare for truck drivers on a strict deadline

We’ll be joined in studio by Carol Lynch, partner at BDO Ireland, to discuss the impact of Brexit on businesses and consumers.

And with nightlife effectively closed since March 2020, we take a closer look at the nightlife economy in Ireland: We meet DJ Sunil Sharpe from the Give Us the Night campaign who is fighting to save Ireland's night clubs; drag queens Victoria Secret and Davina Devine hosting Zoom performances; and the comedians, Justine Stafford and Gearoid Farrelly, learning how to go viral.

Richard and Ella will also be discussing the current status of nightlife in Ireland with Kim O’Callaghan of the events and entertainment working group, EPIC.

Finally, we hear from OceanR, the Cork company taking plastics that pollute our oceans, and turning them into sustainable clothing that is sold all over the world.

Watch it now on the RTÉ Player here.

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