Independent TD Michael Lowry made much more than a bold prediction today.

He effectively told the Taoiseach he did not think this talk of keeping the Dáil in place for another few months will amount to anything.

It's significant becuase the poll-topping Tipperary TD is one of the 56 votes the Government need to survive any confidence motion.

Without him the foundations of the minority administration begin to crack.

Equally important is Michael Lowry's  sharp instincts in times of both Government formation and its end days.

And right now there is nothing to suggest the other Independent TDs essential for the Government's survival, Denis Naughten and Noel Grealish, don't share this view.

Furthermore given that the often reticent TD decided to make this statement so publicly adds further weight to its significance.

Plus Independent Alliance Minister Kevin Boxer Moran's view, which he is understood to have voiced to the Taoiseach, that an election is very near illustrates again the momentum building around a February general election.