The Banshees of Inisherin success at the Golden Globes has generated pride on Achill Island, where many of the outdoor scenes in the film were shot.

Locals say the shop window it affords the area has already led to increased tourism bookings and they are hopeful this will continue for years to come.

But the impact of the film is being felt on other levels too, with those who were involved as extras and production assistants recalling the attention to detail that typified the six-week shoot.

Roisin Lavelle, who owns the Teach Cruachán Bed and Breakfast, has been recalling the atmosphere that crew members spoke of during the filming schedule.

She said she got a sense from those staying with her that they were working on a production that was different to others they had been employed on.

Roisin Lavelle said there was a great buzz around Achill during the filming of the movie

"It was fantastic, we had crew members from the middle of August to the end of October…as well as the financial boost, there was a great buzz around the place."

Ms Lavelle spoke of the "intricate detail that went into every aspect of the set", even down to moss at the base of buildings specially constructed for some scenes.

She described the film as very thought provoking and very deep: "It’s just full of things that keep bubbling up and keep coming to your mind, weeks after you see it".

Mulranny native Madeline Condell was an extra in a church scene in the film. And she’s got more than memories from the experience.

"The scene took quite a while to film and when we broke for lunch, I got a Cornflakes box from the canteen and ripped a bit off it and put it in my boot. When I got my chance, I asked Brendan [Gleeson] if he would autograph it, which he was delighted to."

The piece of cardboard was then passed around with Jon Kenny, Pat Shortt and Colin Farrell all adding their signatures to the memento.

The framed autographs on Madeline's Cornflakes box

Since then, it’s been framed and shown to friends and family, near and far.

Ms Condell said she never expected to be involved in the filming of a movie, or to see how much detail goes into each aspect of the process.

"For a couple of seconds on the screen, it might take an hour to shoot… It was such an eye-opening experience and it brought great excitement to the island and the whole area."

Those levels of anticipation have ramped up again, in the aftermath of last night’s awards. Chris McCarthy, who manages Achill Tourism, was one of a select few given early notice that the locality was in the running as a venue for the film set.

He explained how Martin McDonagh wanted to find the most scenic and beautiful location for the film. The task of identifying that spot fell to Eoin Holohan who visited the area and selected it along with Inis Mór.

"They came in July 2021 with the construction crew, with the cast following in September. They worked hard and have contributed greatly to the area. There was a €1.5 million boost to the local economy and the benefits keep on coming."

Manager at Achill Tourism, Chris McCarthy

Mr McCarthy said there had already been a noticeable increase in the level of queries from both national and international tourists since the Golden Globes were handed out.

And he’s hoping that this is only the start, with more awards ceremonies, including the Oscars, on the horizon.

"We dare to dream, we’re at the beginning of the year… we’re in Mayo, anything could happen, so the luck is with us so far… The whole island is on a buzz… it’s phenomenal for Achill."