Tirlán - the new name for Glanbia Co-op and Glanbia Ireland - has clarified the name change after criticism due to the absence of a fada on the 'i'.

The company said the fada was omitted to simplify the name and "make it more relevant in a global context, as we export to 80 countries".

It said one of the fadas was included on the 'a' as "a distinct Irish reference".

The company said it had looked at other well-known consumer brands that have also included an accent, such as Nescafé.

It said the name Tirlán comes from the words Tír - meaning land or territory - and Lán - meaning full.

The company said it represents the deep connection and relationship between the co-op, its people and the land they work.

The international food and nutrition business made the announcement at an event in Kilkenny yesterday morning.