Childcare worker Eilish Balfe says some in her industry have been forced to turn to food banks due to the rising cost of living.

Now that the amount of money available on Budget Day is known, she says help for those who are struggling must be included in the Government's calculations.

"I'm hoping there will be something for parents and something for those of us who work in early education," Ms Balfe said.

"We are to the pin of our collars and we need help," she added.

"People in my sector are accessing food banks at this stage, they just can't afford the basics anymore."

"You might be getting through the week but if something unexpected happens like a doctor's bill or the washing machine breaks you are really in trouble because you have nothing in the bank," Ms Balfe said.

"For me, it's the food bills and the electricity, everything is going up."

Public sector pay is a big area of expenditure that the Government will have to factor into its Budget Day planning.

Today there were renewed calls for pay talks to restart.

It's more than three months since unions and staff associations triggered a review clause in the existing public sector pay agreement, 'Building Momentum' due to rising inflation.

The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors has written to the Workplace Relations Commission seeking an update on the status of the pay talks.

"The review clause of 'Building Momentum' was triggered by the AGSI in April," said AGSI General Secretary Antoinette Cunningham.

"We still haven't had that matter dealt with by the Government, they haven't recalled pay talks and this remains an outstanding matter for our members," she added.

On the taxation side, changes to the higher rate of income tax won't help those on lower wages but there are other things the Government can do when it comes to tax cuts.

"The Government can either change our income tax system and put more in citizens' pockets so we can all better afford increase in fuel, groceries and services," said Brian Keegan, Director of Public Affairs at Chartered Accountants Ireland.

"Or alternatively the government can choose to reduce the taxes like excise duties and VAT on some of the goods and services we are already buying.

"You either give people more money to cope with inflation or you do something to try to reduce prices being driven up by inflation," he added.

The amount of money the Government has on Budget Day may be higher than originally thought, but so too are the inflationary pressures being felt by workers.