Approximately 20 schools are waiting for the delivery of Junior Cert papers after some students were registered for the wrong version of tomorrow's Irish examination.

In a statement this evening, the State Examinations Commission said the issue relates to a small number of Irish-medium and Gaeltacht schools.

It said it was making arrangements for the correct version to arrive in those schools by tomorrow morning.

"For the 2022 examinations, junior cycle students taking Irish have been following two distinct Irish subject specifications; Teanga 1 (T1) which is designed for schools in Gaeltacht areas and Irish-medium schools while Teanga 2 (T2) is designed for pupils attending English-medium schools," it said.

Schools initially entered their students for either Irish T1 or Irish T2 through the post-primary pupils online database of the Department of Education.

This initial information is taken by the State Examinations Commission and confirmed with schools through an examinations entry confirmation process.

It said: "In confirming the junior cycle entries for the 2022 examinations, the SEC specifically highlighted this issue to schools and asked that particular attention be paid to correctly identifying the correct subject code and name for each student taking Irish at the 2022 Junior Cycle.

"Following the issue of the examination papers yesterday, the SEC was contacted by a number of schools and superintendents to advise that they had received T2 examination papers for students who were expected to take Irish T1 by their school but who had been entered for Irish T2.

"The normal checks and balances conducted by the SEC requires superintendents to check the examination papers that they receive from the SEC before the examinations commence and to confirm these details with the school authority."

The discrepancy in the intended entries compared to the actual entries was encountered in this process.

A spokesperson for the State Examinations Commission has said it has now arranged for the correct version of the paper to be delivered to the approximately 20 schools affected in time for the start of tomorrow's exam. are reporting that one Dublin Gaelcholáiste were told that the correct exam papers were still in the SEC offices in Athlone.

A Galway school principal said they informed the SEC of the issue last Friday and that nothing had been done until Wednesday evening.