MEP Clare Daly has accused the EU of "accelerating the conflict" in Ukraine and said the wider international community should be promoting peace.

She said the resolution to war will not be achieved by sending missiles and tanks to Ukraine but that the EU needs to say "enough bloodshed" and hold serious peace talks.

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, she added that part of those talks would be recognition that "Russia has genuine security concerns in the region".

"Unless we go to that place, unfortunately the Ukrainians are going to be the losers in it," she said.

Ms Daly said she was representing the "mandate that war and militarism is not a solution to any conflict" when she voted against a resolution condemning the war in Ukraine as "illegal, unprovoked and unjustified military aggression" by Russia.

She said her voting record shows that she condemned the "Russian illegal invasion of Ukraine" but she opposed the increase of arms being sent into Ukraine and the acceleration of NATO involvement and military expenditure.

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"I think the calls of the Irish people for arms, and for military might to be sent into Ukraine, are very well intentioned, that people think when making that call they are helping. They see an uneven fight. And it is an uneven fight. But the measures that the EU took to hurl extra military hardware into Ukraine is not even going to up that fight."

She said the scenario now is that NATO has said it is not going to get involved with boots on the ground but she said it is sending arms to "young untrained volunteers and ordinary civilians and they expect them to carry out the fight".

"That is utter lunacy. That cannot be a military solution to this conflict. The longer it goes on the more Ukrainians are going to die and the more that conflict is going to be prolonged."

She said she could not have anything to do with this.

"That is not the same thing as leaving Ukrainians defenceless. What we are saying is, Europe should be stepping in to negotiate and end the war."

She said she was not defending or accepting the Russian military build-up on the Ukraine border in recent weeks when in her podcast she described how they "were protecting their turf".

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She said she was not alone in thinking that Russians would not invade Ukraine.

"The point we were making is this narrative that somehow the war is happening because we are dealing with some crazed maniac in the form of Putin is a distortion of the reality."

She said one of the contributing factors to this situation has been the constant destabilisation of the region by NATO and the US.

Ms Daly said she has been forthright in her condemnation of Russia crossing the border into Ukraine but that does "not take away from the fact the reason they were there is over the past eight years, NATO and the US have been destablising that area on Russia's borders."

Ms Daly said there is a narrative being created that the war in Ukraine is "somehow the result of a despot in the form of Putin".

She said the comments she made in her podcast she stands over.

But the reality is not about heroes and villains.

"There has been a destabilisation of that region spearheaded by NATO and the US and that unfortunately Ukrainian people are at the back of that."

She said since the war has started everything has changed.

She explained that she supports every help being given to Ukraine but not tanks or military equipment being handed to young volunteers as she said it is "suicide folly".