There was one Jackpot winner of tonight's 'must-win’ National Lottery draw, which was worth €19.06 million.

The winning numbers drawn were: 2, 9, 16, 30, 37, 40 and bonus number 23.

The exact location of where the winning ticket was sold has not yet been made public.

In addition to the winner, there were also 149 match five bonus winners, who shared nearly €5.5 million.

Ahead of the draw, the National Lottery said it had experienced technical difficulties with its website and app due to high traffic volumes, and apologised to impacted players.

Tonight's draw was a must-win affair after more than seven months without a jackpot winner.

The jackpot had not been won since 9 June, and was capped at €19.06 million since early October.

Had there still been no winner of tonight's jackpot, the prize would have flowed down to the winners in lower tiers, resulting in several winners.

National Lottery spokesperson, Fran Whearty, said that the National Lottery’s retail partners reported "incredibly strong" sales of tickets today.

Approval for the must-be-won draw was granted by the Regulator of the National Lottery this week. Must-win draws will be held in the future to prevent such long rollovers from happening again.

In future, jackpots will be guaranteed to be won no more than five draws after the cap has been reached.