A Donegal woman is enjoying international acclaim for her January challenge of dressing as objects from her home.

Taryn de Vere started the challenge as a way of keeping inspired during a "grim and sad" time.

She posts the creative outfits to her social platforms.

She said: "This isn't fancy dress. This is styling clothes based on packaging. The reason I started this was because I thought that in January it was all going to be a bit grim and bit sad and that I was probably going to have to stay at home."

"My one rule for this challenge is that I'm not allowed to buy anything new for it so I have to use things that I already own to create the outfits so I've had to get a little bit creative."

The inspiration for her colourful creations have included a tin of beans, a box of sweets and a tube of toothpaste.

Taryn is nearly halfway through her January challenge and has already been interviewed by media in Australia and the UK.

Taryn said: "It feels really special and lovely in the heart that this project of mine is connecting with so many people and bringing them a little bit of joy and little bit of spark at this sad and dark and difficult time for so many people."

"In February, the plan is I'm going to dress as things in other people's houses. So, we'll see how that goes! I'm not quite sure how it's going to to but I'm excited to hear people's stories about things that are important to them."