Iceland's capital Reykjavik was shaken by two earthquakes early this morning, just days after a months-long volcano eruption was declared officially over.

The first tremor, with a magnitude of 4.1, hit at 9.13am. Ten minutes later a stronger 4.9 magnitude tremor hit, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO).

No damage was reported from the quakes.

The epicentre of the quakes was located northeast of the Geldingadalir valleys, the scene of a spectacular lava eruption between 19 March and 18 September, the IMO said.

Photos and videos of the eruption were widely shared on social media.

The earthquakes followed a "seismic swarm", some 1,400 micro tremors that has been occurring since Tuesday afternoon in the area according to IMO.

After three months without any lava flow, the eruption at Geldingadalir was declared officially over this weekend.

Seismic activity can sometimes be a precursor of volcanic eruptions, according to vulcanologists.