A police officer was injured and six police vehicles were damaged during public disorder in west Belfast overnight.

According to the PSNI, disorder broke out among young people from both sides of the community last night in Lanark Way and Springfield Road.

Missiles were thrown at police officers and vehicles and some items were burned.

Community representatives are working with the police to monitor the area after the trouble, which followed separate incidents in the Lanark Way area on Wednesday night after an "anti-Northern Ireland Protocol protest".

Lanark Way is an interface area between the loyalist Shankill Road and nationalist Springfield Road and has been the scene of other disturbances in the past, including serious rioting last April.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said that people need to take "greater responsibility" for messages posted on social media, "that only seek to heighten community tensions and bring young people out onto the streets to engage in violence".

The police also called on young people, and their parents, "to seriously consider the impact of their actions on the local community, but also on their own futures," and said neighbourhood officers will be conducting "high visibility patrols" across the areas affected to prevent and detect crime.