Twelve days of crunch talks on the climate crisis get under way at COP26 in Glasgow on Sunday.

This week we have been hearing from several young people who are sharing their messages to world leaders attending the crucial summit.

Today, we hear from 17-year-old Max Fulham from Artane in Dublin.

Max is calling on world leaders to "think global but act local" in the fight against climate change.

He said: "We saw immense urgency in how we reacted to Covid-19 and we need to bring that urgency to the climate crisis.

"We need a global response with steps we can take on a local level. It's the small steps that make a large difference."

Max, who is visually impaired, is passionate about the concept of creating 'liveable cities' that benefit the people living in them, and also have positive effects on the environment.

He says he often walks into obstacles on the street such as electricity boxes, out of sequence bollards and uneven ground.

He is calling for "smarter planning decisions" that would make cities safer for people with disabilities and give him some of his independence back.

"A liveable city ties in with the climate crisis in my mind, as a city that is sustainable and provides for the needs of people over a long duration of time," Max said.

"If we have a city that's not a congested concrete jungle, it's going to lead to a healthier lifestyle for the people that live in it."

"The steps we take to have a more liveable city will have big impact on the climate crisis. The small steps like more affordable, frequent and accessible public transport will have major implications and create less emissions," he explained.

A big part of the liveable city concept is creating green spaces and outdoor areas for people to socialise in and use for exercise. Max says this is a win-win for the community and the environment as it will also lead to "increased biodiversity and carbon removal from the environment, which is so important".