A jury has been sworn in for the trial of a 38-year-old man accused of murdering Philip Finnegan in a Kildare woods over five years ago.

Stephen Penrose of Newtown Court, Malahide Road, Coolock, Dublin 17, is charged with murdering the 24-year-old at Rahin Woods, Rahin, Co Kildare, on 10 August 2016.

Mr Penrose has pleaded not guilty.

Before swearing in the jury panel this afternoon, Mr Justice Paul McDermott told the jury panel the accused Mr Penrose is from west Kildare and the deceased Mr Finnegan was from the south inner city of Dublin.

The jury was also told the case will involve "a good deal of CCTV footage, telecommunication experts and technical people giving evidence".

The trial, which is due to begin tomorrow before Mr Justice Alexander Owens, is expected to take between five and six weeks.

Earlier, Mr Justice McDermott warned the jury to focus only on what goes on in the court room and not to search for any information on the internet.