This week we are shining a light on some of Ireland's most inspiring teenagers in our 'Quaran-teen' series of reports. They tell us about their experiences and stories of navigating life through the pandemic.

At just 13 years old, Saanvi Kaushik from Co Cork is already an award-winning app developer who dreams of using her skills to make the world a better place.

She created her app, 'Stellar', to help occupational therapists (OTs) and their patients.

Her inspiration came from watching her OT mother, Sarika, struggle to deliver care to her patients through the pandemic, as well as the knowledge that tens of thousands of children are currently waiting to see an OT in Ireland.

"I thought now, more than ever, there is a need to use technology to tackle this issue," Saanvi said.

"It feels really good, I achieved something and have something to give the community."

Saanvi said her mum was a huge help in finding out what OTs would need from the app.

"On my app OTs can maintain patient profiles and records, schedule appointments and offer private remote sessions. Then families of children waiting for OT can access reliable resources to help their children while they wait," she explained.

Saanvi's app was developed during a 12-week programme run by education non-profit Technovation, which aims to encourage girls interested in technology and problem solving.

She said her science teacher at Christ King Secondary School in Cork, where she is about to enter second year, suggested she sign up.

Almost 6,000 young women from 60 countries took part, with Saanvi one of six participants honoured with an award at the end.

"It feels absolutely amazing because I never did coding before this and winning the technology award is absolutely amazing and has shown me what I'm capable of doing," she said.

Saanvi’s app is currently a high-level prototype and she hopes to launch it soon.

"I've a few things to do like make sure the app is GDPR compliant and HIPAA compliant so it's safe, and I want to add push notifications," Saanvi explained.

"I'm so excited to put it out there because when it's available to users I think it’ll help a lot of families."

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