The number of people experiencing homelessness increased by 118 in July, according to the latest figures from the Department of Housing.

There are now 8,131 individuals, including children, experiencing homeless.

However, the Department said this is down 596 from the same time last year.

The largest number of people experiencing homelessness recorded to date was 10,514 in October 2019.

The number of adults using State-funded emergency accommodation increased by 156 from June to 6,003 in July.

The Department said this increase was partly due the inclusion of people over the age of 18 as "adults" that had previously been recorded as "dependants".

There were 930 families in emergency accommodation during the July survey week, which is down two from June.

75% of adults experiencing homelessness were "single adults".

There was a maximum number of 5,431 households experiencing homeless in July, 17% of which were families.

The figure is estimated by adding the total number of single persons to the total number of families in emergency accommodation in the count week.

It is understood that a small minority of the individuals listed as 'singles' in this context are actually couples without children so the number of ‘single’ households is slightly overstated.