The Communications Regulator has said that it is aware of the recent upsurge calls using a fake Caller ID in order to get people to answer their phones.

ComReg said patterns in telecoms traffic from overseas indicates that the level of such calls has increased significantly in recent weeks and can lead to people becoming victims of fraud.

Gardaí are warning that anyone who rings, texts, or emails out of the blue and requests personal information such as bank details are not to be trusted.

They say they have recently highlighted scams where people pretend to be from An Garda Síochána, Social Welfare, the Attorney General's Office, banks, delivery companies and other businesses.

While scammers may change their stories or methods, their goal is always the same – to access people's sensitive information and get their hands on your money.

The advice is not to engage with the caller, do not return the call and do not follow automated instructions.

Authorities also advise people to never disclose personal or financial information and to hang up and block the number if possible.

Be sure to carry out your own inquiries to find out if it is genuine, but do not clink any links or call the number they contacted you from.

If you believe you may have fallen victim to this scam, contact your financial institution and report the matter to local gardaí.

Among those who have been plagued by "annoying" scam calls is actor Gráinne Blumenthal.

"Sometimes, I get them up to three times a day. It's just been a constant thing going on and it is getting very annoying," she told RTÉ News.