A search for a 27-year-old Dublin man who was reported missing from a hiking trail in Wyoming has resumed for a fourth day.

Cian McLaughlin was last seen by a friend at around 2.30pm on Tuesday 8 June, approximately 800 metres from the Lupine Meadows Trailhead in Grand Teton National Park.

Yesterday, park rangers received additional tips about potential sightings of Mr McLaughlin in an area below the Garnet Canyon/Surprise Lake junction and in the vicinity of Delta Lake.

Security cameras show that he entered the park on Tuesday 8 June at 2.15pm and that he was wearing a white short-sleeve shirt and a red watch while in his vehicle.

Over 40 park staff as well as search and rescue dog teams have been taking part in the operation.

Yesterday, the Civil Air Patrol joined the search using infrared cameras.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it has been providing consular assistance to Cian McLaughlin's family.