A new opinion poll suggests that there is a substantial majority in the Republic of Ireland in favour of a united Ireland.

However the survey, by Kantor for the Irish Independent, indicates that a majority in Northern Ireland are opposed to unification.

The poll asked 1,500 people in the Republic, between the 16 and 23 April, their opinion on a united Ireland and the holding of a border poll - the margin of error was 2.5%.

The Irish Independent/Kantar poll found that that two in three polled, 67%, supported a united Ireland compared with just 16% who were opposed.

In Northern Ireland, 750 people, were surveyed on the same issue, between the 14 and 22 April - where the margin of error was higher at 3.6%.

This poll suggested that while 35% of adults were in favour of a united Ireland, 43% were against - although, significantly, one in five did not express an opinion.

Despite that difference of opinion on a united Ireland north-and-south, the survey suggests that seven in ten voters - in both jurisdictions - wanted a reunification referendum within five years.

That said, the survey also indicated a majority of people - on both sides of the border - did not want to pay higher taxes to make a united Ireland a reality.