A Cystic fibrosis patient from Co Wicklow has spoken of his anxiety and disappointment after testing positive for Covid-19.

Louis Duffy-Barrett, 25, from Greystones, tested positive for the virus ten days ago.

The double-lung transplant patient is a member of the group #Vaccines4Vulnerable which has been campaigning for vaccine equity for people at higher risk from Covid-19.

He said: "People like me have been isolating, keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask. I have barely seen my friends and family and have worried about getting Covid for the past year.

"Getting the text message to tell me that I had tested positive filled me with dread and anxiety.

"Luckily, my symptoms have been mild. I have only had to deal with fatigue and muscle aches. I was only noticeably breathless when I exercised."

Mr Duffy-Barrett expressed disappointment at last week's revelations that the Beacon Hospital in Dublin administered 20 leftover vaccines to teachers at St Gerard's School in Bray.

He said: "Seeing the news recently has been very disappointing when there are so many medically vulnerable people waiting for the vaccine. It seems that connections get you the vaccine, rather than vulnerability."

Mr Duffy-Barrett has been using the Health Service Executive's self-isolation facility in Citywest.

The facility is a safe place for people who cannot self-isolate at home.

He said: "I have had to reduce my immunosuppressant medication which is risky but necessary to recover. However, the care has been great. Nurses and staff have been very friendly.

"I did not know how my body would cope after I had been through so much already. But it could have been so much worse. Hopefully, this might highlight to vulnerable people that it is the not the end and you can recover. I feel a lot of us feared the worst when visualising the thought of contracting Covid."

The HSE has started to vaccinate people from Cohort 4 - people aged 16 to 69 who are at very high risk - and says it is "moving as quickly as possible".

Mr Duffy-Barrett welcomed the move but said more needs to be done.

"In the past week, some people in Cohort 4 received the vaccine. It seems the roll-out is getting under way for transplant patients and some people with CF. But many people are still waiting. Wondering when and where they are going to receive theirs. We need to prioritise all of the medically vulnerable. Obviously, the vaccine is not 100% effective. But it is the little bit of hope that a lot of us need."