Anyone seeking to improperly influence the Leaving Certificate calculated grades process is likely to face sanctions.

Cabinet discussed the matter as part of an Education Amendment Bill, which is focused on the accredited grades system, operated by the State Examinations Commission.

One likely sanction is the withholding of exam results, but a Government spokesperson said there could be even more serious consequences.

"Detailed information on the consequences will be published as soon as possible," they said.

The legislation will prohibit the canvassing of teachers by students and parents and it will also provide an indemnity for teachers, schools and patrons.

It also includes a measure to prevent, if possible, the ranked order of students.

Leaving Cert students will this year have the option of receiving a calculated grade or a written exam in each subject.

Students will be able to opt to receive calculated or accredited grades in any or all of their subjects, to be issued to them at the same time as the examination results.

For those choosing to take the Leaving Certificate exams, orals and other practical coursework assessments will go ahead, but with "certain elements" not running for public health reasons.

The exams are scheduled to start on 9 June, though the Government said this is subject to public health advice.