The number of people on Dublin city's housing waiting list is continuing to fall with latest figures showing a 16% reduction over the past two years.

Latest figures show there were 14,672 applications for social housing support to Dublin City Council last January down from 17,510 in March 2019.

This represents a continuing drop since 2016 when there were 19,811 households on the list and the total reduction in that time amounts to 26%.

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show that the proportion of people from abroad has fallen slightly from 34% to 32% between 2019 and 2021.

Numbers from all countries have fallen but by varying amount.

The proportion of migrants from the EU and the UK has dropped from 19% to 15% with the number of non-EU and non-UK applications rising to 17% from 15% in the same period. The proportion of Irish application is up to 68% from 66%.

The last two years include a year of travel restrictions and a drop in construction as a result of Covid-19. 

The number of applications by Irish people is down by 13% to 9,962 in two years.

The biggest reduction among other nationalities is for Polish people who used to account for the largest number of applications but who are now down by 33% to 584.

The largest number is now from Romania with 710 applications down 14%, Lithuania accounts for the third highest number at 277 down 28%.

The United Kingdom now has the highest number among non EU countries applying for social housing with 278 people down by 15%.

Nigeria is second highest on 201 down 31% and Somalia with 188 down 20%.