A ten-year-old boy with Down syndrome is spreading tips and advice on how to stay positive with his weekly motivational "paudcast".

Pádraig O'Callaghan, from Knockainey in Co Limerick, began working on the video series with his father Brian last year. Brian says it was a way to "help Pádraig with his communication skills and confidence".

"I do a bit of work with Special Olympics Ireland and Down Syndrome Ireland and their positive mental attitude is very, very important so that's how we came up with the 60-second 'Monday Motivation Paudcast'," explained Brian O'Callaghan.

Pádraig shares tips and advice on 'keeping busy' and staying positive

Pádraig's "paudcasts" are published on EcoStraw Ireland's social media platforms. It is Brian's business; one he has focused on since losing his job in aviation last March.

"I suppose it's been hard for kids during lockdown. We found, number one, it was a way of keeping him entertained, keeping him out of trouble and I got to spend some time with him. If there's one good thing that came out of this lockdown, it's that families got to spend more time together," explained Brian.

Perhaps because we all need a little extra motivation right now, Pádraig's "paudcasts" of positivity are attracting a worldwide audience.

"It's been phenomenal. We've had messages of support from all over the world, quite literally, America, Australia. Reading comments back to Pádraig, he's a man that loves praise. So when I read back the comments, to see his eyes actually light up in response to his videos, it's reward enough for me I guess," said Brian.

Pádraig feels his audience are "very happy and excited to see me".

Pádraig with his parents Marie and Brian

Pádraig's tops tips for staying safe but also upbeat include allowing yourself to make mistakes because "you can't learn anything from being perfect", "try and tackle those jobs you don't want to tackle" and "stay home and keep busy".