The latest homeless figures show a reduction of nearly 300 people in emergency accommodation last month.

December usually shows a seasonal drop but the Department of Housing says the numbers reduced by over 1,500 or 16% during 2020.

The overall number of men, women and children fell from 8,484 in November to 8,200 at end December - down 284.

The number of children was down by 125 to 2,327 which is the lowest since June 2016. Overall, the number of children has reduced by over 1,000 on last year.

The number of adults was down by 89 last month to 4,447, of whom 76% were single.

Minister for Housing Darragh O'Brien said that €3.3 billion is being provided for social housing this year which he says is the biggest ever amount.

The Dublin Simon Community says the alarming rise in numbers of single people entering homelessness is being overshadowed by an overall reduction in homelessness figures.

CEO Sam McGuinness said: "On the face of it, we are in a better position now than we were a year ago. The numbers are going down, which is a huge achievement considering the tremendous adversity the sector has faced over the past year. 

However, he added that while family homelessness and rough sleeping had reduced, single homelessness "remains frustratingly high".

He said: "The bottom line remains that there are still more single people presenting as newly homeless each day than there are moving out of the bulging emergency system and into long-term accommodation. This has to change, and we must make it our urgent priority for 2021."