As part of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation a confidential committee was established to provide a forum for people who were former residents of the homes.

Many of the witnesses that came forward had never discussed their experiences with any other person. 

This is how some of the women recounted their experiences.

Many began with the circumstances of their pregnancies and admission into the homes.

I was treated like a second-class citizen by my family; society had an obsession with hiding everything.

The personal stories of the women were often harrowing as they described the conditions and day-to-day life in the mother-and-baby homes.

You could almost feel the tears in the walls


The Commission of investigation found "that there was little kindness shown" to the women in the mother-and-baby homes and that "this was particularly the case when they were giving birth".

I never saw a doctor


Many of the witnesses to the Commission's confidential committee spoke of a 'culture of adoption' in the mother-and-baby homes.

I had to hand her in like a parcel


The report says around 9,000 children died in the institutions under investigation. It notes there is little evidence that politicians or the public were concerned about these children.