A mural inspired by the Late Late Toy Show star Adam King and his virtual hug sign has appeared in Dublin city centre.

The mural, which appears off Richmond Street in the centre of the capital, is the work of visual artist Cerys Murphy who says Adam's virtual hug love heart sign is a "gesture of hope" for everyone.

Adam King's stellar appearance on the Toy Show on Friday night where he talked about his dreams of space travel and introduced everyone to his handmade sign has attracted praise from all around the globe.

Cerys Murphy with her mural located near Richmond Street in Dublin city centre

The Dublin-based artist Cerys explained Adam King's appearance made her heart "skip a beat".

"I woke up the next morning at about 5am and I was still thinking of that little love heart he had done. And so I grabbed my spray paints, I got on my bike and I cycled down here.

"Human beings need hope. And to see something from a small child to remind all of us adults of this small gesture, it just takes my breath away every time to think," she explained.

Cerys is originally from London and is unable to spend Christmas with her family this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

"I'm sure there are thousands and thousands of us in Ireland that aren't actually going to make it home for Christmas. It's the first time in my life I won't be spending it with my family. 

"So when I saw Adam coping with his little sign I felt my heart skip a beat," she explained.

Adam King with his handmade virtual hug love heart on the Late Late Toy Show

The mural appears on a wall near where the George Bernard Shaw pub once stood. Cerys explained that the location of the mural was a deliberate choice.

"I just thought the metaphor of it being in ruins and it being such a beautiful message that you can see just from being on the street would speak volumes to everyone.

"It's a small gesture in a big world of chaos that a small child has told us to think!" explained Cerys.