The meeting between Supreme Court judge Seamus Woulfe and the Chief Justice to discuss the fallout from the Denham Review into Judge Woulfe's attendance at a golf dinner has been further postponed until Thursday.

In a statement, Chief Justice Frank Clarke said he was "very seriously concerned" about the damage the continuation of this process is causing.

If the meeting does not go ahead on Thursday, he said he would make alternative arrangements to convey his final views on the process to Mr Justice Woulfe.

In the statement, a spokesman for the Chief Justice said Mr Justice Clarke and a Supreme Court colleague, Mr Justice Donal O'Donnnell, were due to meet Mr Justice Woulfe and a judicial colleague of his choice today.

The statement said that the Chief Justice and Mr Justice O'Donnell met Judge Woulfe's colleague at that colleague's request.

He said there was a request from Mr Justice Woulfe through his colleague for a further postponement of the meeting.

As a result of what was said the Chief Justice said he "very reluctantly" was prepared to make one final postponement of the meeting until Thursday.