The Society of St Vincent de Paul is planning to transfer the management of hostels to other homeless charities with specialist expertise in the sector.

It said managing homeless hostels is moving beyond the capacity of a volunteer-led organisation such as SVP.

The Society said it believes that the move will benefit those who use the services.

The organisation is in discussion with the respective local authorities and the Health Service Executive to facilitate the transfer as most funding for the hostels comes from the State.

There are nine hostels involved that between them have almost 300 beds per night for homeless people in Carlow, Cork, Ennis, Limerick, Longford, Waterford and Wexford.

SVP National Secretary Andy Heffernan said the structure is not suitable to fully adhere to statutory governance and management protocols in the sector and that increased specialisation and regulation now exceeds the capacity of our volunteer-based organisational structure.

The transfer to new management at the hostels is scheduled to take place before the end of September 2021.