A 28-year-old Dublin man who worked in bars in New York has testified that he heard, on three different occasions, Aaron Brady say he had shot a garda.

Daniel Cahill was giving evidence in the Central Criminal Court today by video link.

Aaron Brady from New Road, Crossmaglen in Co Armagh, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe and to a charge of robbing €7,000 in cash and cheques on 25 January 2013 at the Lordship Credit Union in Co Louth.

Daniel Cahill moved to New York in 2013 when he was 20 years old and worked in the Coachman's Bar in the Bronx. He said he saw Mr Brady at the bar most weekends over the next two years.

The Coachman's could be "a bit rough" he said, with "shady characters" and at least once a week he would need help with a row.

It would be "nothing out of the ordinary", he said, to have people "swinging digs" at one another.

Mr Cahill told the Central Criminal Court today that he recalled one night Mr Brady was punched in the face by another guy and had a gash over his eye, which bled heavily.

As the barman was helping him to clean it in the bathroom, he testified that Mr Brady said the man who hit him should know better because he had shot a garda in Ireland and it was a stupid thing to mess with him.

He remembered the conversation he said because what Mr Brady said to him was "not normal".

Mr Cahill testified that he also heard Mr Brady speak about killing a garda on two other occasions, at a house party and at another bar, The Brazen Fox.

He said, on another occasion, Mr Brady showed him a newspaper article about a man who killed a cop living it up in New York and told him that he was the person referred to in the article.

Mr Brady denies murdering detective Garda Adrian Donohoe and robbing €7,000 in cash and cheques on 25 January 2013 at the Lordship Credit Union.

The trial is continuing.