The Department of Health has confirmed that the number of people who can attend an indoor mass gathering, such as a wedding, includes venue staff.

Under the updated roadmap, 50 people will be able attend an indoor gathering such as a wedding in Phase 3, from 29 June. From Phase 4, which begins on 20 July, 100 people will be able to attend such gatherings.

NPHET's advice to Government is that this figure includes "organisers, participants and attendees".

A Department of Health spokesperson confirmed to RTÉ News that NPHET's advice is being applied and that the headline figure includes venue staff.

Under the restrictions, a marquee will also be considered an indoor venue. 

In all cases, physical distancing must be maintained.

However there has been no confirmation that indoor mass gatherings, like weddings, will see a reduction in the minimum physical distancing requirements as has occurred elsewhere in the hospitality sector. 

The spokesperson said that the reduction of the minimum distance to one metre for restaurants and bars for example "was dependent on time limits and takes into account the number of risk factors".

The department spokesperson also said that "all guidance may be subject to change depending on public health advice at the time".

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