An American Irish dancer has spoken out about the racist abuse she received after her Irish dancing video went viral.

Speaking on RTÉ Liveline, Morgan Bullock of Virginia and the Baffa Academy of Irish Dance, said she was accused of appropriating a culture that is not her own and of making it something that is far from traditional.

Responding, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said on Twitter that he hoped Ms Bullock could "dance in Ireland for St Patrick's Day" next year.

The dancer said that while her video received "a lot of love and support", there was a negative reaction on social media shortly after the video was uploaded, adding that "people are failing to recognise the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation".

Ms Bullock said she was appreciating Irish culture and participating in it in a very respectful way and that most of the racist comments were coming from American people.

However, she said that "by ranting about it how she felt about that", her video has reached a lot more people.

The video has been shared by hundreds, including Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles.