A discount retailer says it has seen a surge in demand for pregnancy test kits, suggesting a post-lockdown baby boom could be one of the consequences of prolonged stay-at-home guidelines. 

Dealz, which has kept its stores open to sell essential items, has seen weekly sales of €1.50 pregnancy tests rise by 25% since the first week of lockdown.

Although sales of pregnancy tests were up nationwide, Dublin has topped the list with numbers at Dealz Tallaght surpassing those in the rest of Ireland.

The capital was further followed by Donegal, Cork, Limerick, Louth and Carlow.

Country Manager for Dealz Ireland Sharon Sheridan said the figures reveal how some of us have been spending their time in lockdown.

"Couples under the same roof don't need to worry about social distancing and as our sales figures show, they've been getting up close and personal, finding more ways to relax than watching Netflix or doing jigsaws," she added.