An Irish singer who lives in Colombia is keeping her neighbours' spirits up during the stay-at-home order brought on by Covid-19.

Rebecca Winckworth has been singing to people from her balcony every evening during the lockdown in Medellin.

"Every night we come out at 8pm and applaud the healthcare workers and I have been singing a few songs. 

"I did it one night and then they came out another night saying 'que cante, que cante' or ‘sing, please sing’.

Rebecca, who is a member of the renowned choral group Anúna, lives in Medellin for half of the year.

Rebecca lives in Medellin for half of the year.

"Music seems to be a major escape and salvation for a lot of people at the moment and it certainly brings me so much joy.

"I’m going to have to learn to sing more songs in Spanish, or else I’ll just stick with the good old Irish tunes," she said.