A street artist in Belfast has used his talent to create what he calls "a message of hope in desperate times".

Glen Molloy said people need hope now as communities deal with the coronavirus crisis.

His image of Jesus is in an area that the artist refers to as "a bit of no man's land" between the Falls Road and Shankill Road near the peace line.

"The painting is in a desolate place," Mr Molloy opined. "The peace line is not pleasant to look at. It's just there, for a simple reason."

Mr Molloy said his spray-painted mural is an adaptation of the Barack Obama 'Hope' poster, but in a different context.

The red, white and blue image took him 15-20 hours to paint over two days at the weekend.

"It's easier for me to paint something and express myself that way," he added.

"It's not fully finished. I would liked to have put some writing on it, like ‘know hope’ - a play on the Obama poster in the seriousness of the situation."

He had wanted to paint this image of Jesus for a long time and now seemed like the right time, he believed.

"It’s a message of hope. It's located between two communities at a terrible time. People need whatever hope they can get. For me, the perfect picture of hope is Christ. It’s meant to inspire people."