When the Regional Cultural Centre (RCC) in Letterkenny had to close last week along with many other cultural institutions around the country, the first thing staff did was cancel upcoming events.

Then they started to think about how they could continue to positively interact with their community from behind closed doors.

What they came up with was a daily art challenge for local school children housebound because of the coronavirus called Home is Where the Art is.

RCC manager Jeremy Howard (below) said that every day they set a new challenge for children to draw, paint, sculpt, build, or whatever they chose to do, to create a piece of art based on the theme for that day.

The reaction has been tremendous, so good in fact, that they have had to go beyond the idea of a local challenge because they have had families signing up from all over the country - and even from abroad.

Jeremy Howard

For families like the McLaughlins in Letterkenny, with three children aged under nine, the challenge has been fantastic.

Parents Sharon and Paul say the children have really taken to it, looking forward to a new challenge each day and really putting time into it. It gives them a goal and it's a great way to keep busy and creative in these strange times.

Letterkenny Regional Cultural Centre

Today Robyn, Jake and Abbilee were each creating their dream home in paintings and lego and they're hoping that when this is all over, their work will be viewed by lots of people.

At present at the end of every challenge parents are asked to take a photo of the piece and send it to the RCC where staff upload the work to the centre's Facebook page.

When this is all over, however, Mr Howard says they are planning a big exhibition in the centre to showcase the children's work and have a big party.