The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will meet with the US President Donald Trump at the White House tomorrow.

A senior Trump administration official has said that the meeting will be an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss greater cooperation against certain types of threats, which include terrorism, cyberattacks, and unsecure telecommunications providers.

"Ireland is one of the foremost examples of countries that have benefitted greatly from the digital revolution, and as a result, it's home to over 700 US businesses that service EU markets and markets globally," the official said.

"And so our two governments cooperate closely on ensuring that there are really robust measures in place to protect Ireland's national infrastructure against risks in this new technology environment."

The official also said that tomorrow's meeting would be an opportunity to reinforce the relationship between the US and Ireland.

"We're confident that this spirit of cooperation will continue regardless of the composition of the next government following the recent elections, because the US-Ireland partnership really transcends politics.  It's historic.  These long-term bonds and longstanding friendship cannot be broken," according to the Trump administration official.

The official said that the US is committed to maintaining peace, prosperity, and stability in Northern Ireland and that President Trump's appointment of Mick Mulvaney as special envoy is a very strong sign of that commitment.

Tonight, Leo Varadkar will deliver an address at a gala dinner hosted by the Ireland Funds.

This year, it is honouring US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Congressman Peter King.

Tomorrow morning, Mr Varadkar will attend a breakfast reception at the residence of US Vice President Mike Pence.

The event will take place behind closed doors unlike last year when media were allowed access to the reception.

On that occasion, the Taoiseach attended the event with his partner Matt Barrett and told the gathering that he lived in a country where he is judged not by his sexual orientation but by his political actions.

Mr Pence has been criticised in the past for his conservative views on LGBT rights.

Tomorrow's breakfast reception at the Vice President’s residence will be followed by a meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House.

The Taoiseach will then attend a St Patrick's lunch on Capitol Hill hosted by Ms Pelosi.

The programme of events will conclude tomorrow evening with the traditional shamrock ceremony at the White House.

Mr Varadkar shortened his trip so he could remain in Ireland to respond to the coronavirus. He cancelled a planned appearance at a United Nations event, which was held in New York last night.

An annual St Patrick's reception in Washington, hosted by the Irish Ambassador to the US, has been cancelled because of Covid-19 concerns.

The event was due to take place tomorrow evening after the shamrock ceremony in the White House.

On Friday, the Taoiseach will take part in a meeting of the Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19 via teleconference.

Speaking ahead of his US visit, Mr Varadkar described the St Patrick's events in Washington as a valuable opportunity for Ireland.

He said: "I will use my meetings with President Trump and other senior US politicians to emphasise the strength and importance of Irish-US bilateral relations, particularly our economic ties.

"I intend to discuss issues including EU-UK relations, Northern Ireland and the US role in protecting the Good Friday Agreement."

The Taoiseach noted what he described as positive news this week in relation to legislation to expand the E3 Visa programme and said he was looking forward to getting an update on ways of resolving the situation facing the undocumented Irish in America.