A 35-year-old man has been found guilty of murdering his partner's mother in May 2017.

Kieran Greene had denied murdering Patricia O'Connor, the mother of his then partner Louise.

The body of Ms O'Connor, who was 61, was found in 15 different parts in nine locations in the Dublin mountains in June 2017.

Her daughter Louise, Louise's 22-year-old daughter Stephanie, and Stephanie's father Keith Johnston are also on trial, accused of impeding the apprehension or prosecution of Greene.

The jury will resume its deliberations in relation to them tomorrow.

The court heard that Kieran Greene walked into Rathfarnham Garda Station in June 2017 and told them that "the stuff up the mountains" was him.

A member of the public had found a body part in the Wicklow mountains two days earlier and further searches had found more body parts.

Gardaí initially did not believe him because their information at that stage was that the body belonged to a man in his 20s.

However, Greene was arrested after he brought gardaí to the site of a shallow grave in Co Wexford where he said he had buried Ms O'Connor before returning, digging her up and cutting up the body. 

He said he had a row with Ms O'Connor after she attacked him with a hurl in the bathroom of the house they lived in Rathfarnham in Co Dublin.  He told gardaí that nobody else was involved in the murder.

He also told gardaí he was finally free from all the torment and pain she caused, "the verbal giving out to the kids".

However in December 2017, Greene asked to speak to gardaí in Cloverhill prison and changed his story.  He said he had agreed to take the blame for the murder and dismemberment of Ms O'Connor but he felt he had been set up.

He said Ms O'Connor had attacked him in the bathroom but while they were fighting, his father-in-law came in and asked "what the f**k she was doing".

Greene said Gus O'Connor hit his wife twice on the head with an iron bar or crowbar and she fell on the floor.  He told gardaí Mr O'Connor told him "I'm defending you, you can take the rap for it".

He said his partner Louise told him to get rid of her and he put his mother-in-law's body in the boot of the car, drove to Co Wexford and buried her in a shallow grave.

He said he asked Louise's former partner Keith Johnston for help after a day or two, and said they went to some local shops and bought items including hacksaws and a hatchet. 

He told gardaí Mr Johnston went with him to Wexford, where they dug up Ms O'Connor and Mr Johnston cut her up with a saw.

They then threw the body parts out of the car in various locations in the Wicklow mountains.

Mr Greene said he agreed to take the blame because Mr Johnston said he had a background in drugs and could not get into any more trouble.  But he said "the missus" and Mr Johnston were going back out and now they were out and he was taking the rap.

He also told gardaí that his stepdaughter, Stephanie, had dressed up as her grandmother and pretended to leave the house on the night of 29 May.

The jury has heard that Gus O'Connor has already pleaded guilty to reporting his wife missing on 1 June 2017, knowing she was already dead.

Keith Johnston, Stephanie and Louise O'Connor have all pleaded not guilty to impeding the apprehension or prosecution of Greene. 

The jury will resume deliberating in relation to them.

Mr Johnston denies assisting Greene in buying various implements to be used in the concealment of Ms O'Connor. 

Stephanie O'Connor denies disguising herself as her grandmother, to conceal the fact that she was already dead and Louise O'Connor denies agreeing to or acquiescing in that.