Members of the largest cadet class ever produced by the Irish military have been commissioned to take up roles in the Defence Forces.

A total of 91 men and women received their commissioning scrolls and certificates of graduation at Dublin Castle earlier.

The new officers will become leaders in the Army, the Air Corps and also the Armed Forces of Malta.

They will take up their new roles in just over a week.

The class was made up of 67 new Army Officers, 18 Air Corps Officers, and six new Officers of the Armed Forces of Malta.

Two of the Maltese Officers took another commitment as they proposed to their partners.

Making a commitment: Maltese Officers Aaron Zammit and Neil Spiteri propose to Amy Zammit and Nadesh Barbara at the end of the Commissioning Ceremony in Dublin Castle (Photos:
The happy couples: Amy Zammit and Officer Aaron Zammit alongside Officer Neil Spiteri and Nadesh Barbara
The cadet class sees new officers in the Army, Air Corps, and Armed Forces of Malta 
New Officers Second Lieutenant Sinead Cribbin from Kildare and Second Lieutenant Chloe Foley from Meath
The 67 newly commissioned Army Officers celebrate with hugs after 15-month cadetship
The cadet class renders a salute to the Irish flag towards the end of the commissioning ceremony