A children's hospice in Poland is trying to bring joy to its residents' short lives – with the help of a very special puppy named Havana.

The two-month-old French bulldog arrived at the Gajusz foundation hospice in Lodz this Christmas.

The idea came from Natalia Pasiecznik, head of the hospice, who is also a specialist in dog therapy.

Havana was bought mainly for Zuzia, a deaf and blind and deaf girl, and for a four-month-old boy named Ignacy, who suffers from Menkes syndrome.

But she brings a lot of joy to other kids as well.

Ms Pasiecznik said: "We don't know when our little ones will leave us, that’s why we would like them to have everything they should have at home.

"We try to give them as much love and joy as possible during their short time on earth."

All residents of the hospice have gone under allergy tests and the doctors gave the green light to the idea.

Pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy, sees the hospice use the natural bond between humans and animals to provide comfort, peace, and soothing companionship to terminally ill patients.