The association representing for enlisted personnel serving in the Defence Forces of Ireland has accepted the Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC) proposals aimed at addressing acute staff shortages.

PDFORRA voted to accept the recommendations which will see a 10% increase in the Military Service Allowance.

This move follows the decision by the Representative Association of Commissioned Officers, the other recognised military representative, to accept the  PSPC's proposals earlier this month.

The PSPC's proposals will boost the earnings of the majority of Permanent Defence Forces personnel by between €602 and €675 per annum, see a restoration to the Security Duty Allowance and Patrol Duty Allowance, the Restoration of the Premium Rates for certain Weekend Duties and the reversal of the 10% cut in overseas allowances.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, welcomed the decision saying it will help the Defence Forces to retain personnel.

He said: "The decisions by both PDFORRA and RACO will help us to get our Defence Forces back up to full strength, but I fully accept that there is more we need to do on both pay and non-pay issues."