More batches of water produced by 'Celtic Pure' have been recalled by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

The authority has announced that it has been informed about additional batches of bottled water by Celtic Pure in which Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococci or E. coli bacteria were detected.

The FSAI says Pseudomonas aeruginosa poses a higher risk of complications if consumed by severely immunocompromised people such as those who have undergone transplants or chemotherapy.

It rarely causes illness in healthy individuals.

Enterococci and E. coli and their presence in water is considered an indicator that the water has been contaminated with faecal material, however, this does not mean that it will make people sick.

Retailers have been requested to remove affected batches from shop shelves and to display recall notices in stores where implicated batches were offered for sale.

Today's order follows similar issues in recent months.