Following the arrest of a superintendent, a Garda detective and an inspector on suspicion of corruption, here we explain the chain of command within An Garda Síochána: 

  • The Garda Commissioner is responsible for the entire force of An Garda Síochána and is appointed by the Government following a nomination by the Policing Authority.
  • The Garda Commissioner is assisted in his role by the Deputy Commissioner who also has responsibility for operational policing in the state.
  • Next in line are 12 Assistant Commissioners who are in charge of geographical and operational portfolios including Dublin Metropolitan, Eastern, Community Engagement and Public Safety.
  • The geographical regions are split into different divisions and a chief superintendent oversees each division and reports to one of the assistant commissioners.
  • The regional divisions made up of districts and a superintendent has the responsibility of a district.
  • Districts consist of sub-districts, with a sergeant in charge and as a many as 100 rank-in-file Gardaí in each area.
  • A superintendent has responsibility for operational, ethical, financial, technical, project and personnel management practices for each district. They also oversee such functions as the licensing of bars and issue firearm certificates.
  • A superintendent is assisted by a number of inspectors.