The National Association of GPs has said that a rescue package is almost complete for the organisation and that more details will be provided within days.

In a circular to its 2,000 members this evening, seen by RTÉ News, it said that a challenging financial environment is at the heart of the issues currently facing the body.

The previous advisory Council resigned recently, amid concerns raised over governance issues and it has sparked a crisis for the organisation.

The directors said this evening that the plan is to have a new Council elected at an AGM on 15 June.

In its circular this evening, the NAGP said that a series of reports had appeared in the media, which it claimed had been designed to undermine the credibility of the NAGP. 

"We anticipate more may follow over the weekend and beyond. The last thing General Practice needs is individuals fostering increased division", it said.

The circular said that the CEO and directors of the company had always sought to be transparent about the nature of the difficulties. 

The NAGP said it had struggled to get members to pay in a timely fashion and that it took hours and dozens of phone calls for each single payment.

It said that at the 11 April Council meeting, the CEO had advised that the organisation had cash flow difficulties.

The NAGP Council subsequently carried out an internal assessment.

A business consultant was engaged to assess the situation.

It said that on foot of this report, the Council resigned and the media were informed. 

The statement to all NAGP members this evening is signed by the chief executive, Chris Goodey and the directors, Dr Andrew Jordan, Dr Jim Stacey and Dr Chris O’Rourke.