A group of residents of the Mosney Direct Provision centre in Co Meath have held a protest over how they claim they are being treated.

Dozens of asylum seekers took part in the demonstration this morning and blocked management from entering the centre, asking for what they described as their "cry for help" to be heard.

The protest was organised by residents who claimed that a mother of two young children, who had been living at the centre, was transferred and not allowed to return when she requested to go back.

The residents say the woman, who arrived in Ireland two months ago seeking asylum, was initially housed in Mosney but later transferred to a centre in Cavan.

The woman requested she and her family be returned to Mosney because of her son's health and because she felt she had more supports there.

She claimed she was initially told she could not return but was later allowed back.

The residents say her treatment prompted today's demonstration.

They say they want to meet with management to discuss the issues they have.

One resident, who did not want to be identified, told RTÉ News that people feel frightened that if they speak out they will be transferred.

Another resident said, "the protest is a cry for help, a cry for an audience, come let's talk. We are not looking for anything else".

Gardaí confirmed today that they were called to a small protest at Mosney this morning. The demonstration concluded peacefully they said.

Attempts to contact management at the Mosney Direct provision centre have so far failed.

The Department of Justice has so far also declined to comment.