The Department of Health has called on the public to ensure that they are "up to date" with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination. 

It comes after figures released by the World Health Organisation showed that measles cases rose 300% worldwide to 112,163 in first three months of the year, compared to 2018.

The best way to protect someone against MMR according to the Department of Health is to vaccinate directly, rather than rely on ‘indirect’ protection through herd immunity. 

The Health Service Executive has confirmed a "community outbreak of measles" in north Dublin affecting adults and children.

It has advised those who think they have measles to stay at home and to contact their General Practitioner. 

The Minister for Health has said he wants to discuss steps the health service can take to improve vaccination rates in Ireland. 

A body of work has to be done according to Simon Harris, to reduce vaccine hesitancy and to "counter the myths spread online" about vaccination. 

The Health Minister says he wants to establish an alliance of medical professionals, educators, parents, patient advocates and policy makers to establish how we can promote vaccination, the benefits of it and reduce the spread of myths around it.

The World Health Organisation has said "Many countries are in the midst of sizeable measles outbreaks, with all regions of the world experiencing sustained rises in cases".

The organisation noted that actual cases always surpass reported cases, meaning the early trends for 2019 likely underestimate the severity of the outbreaks.

It also appealed for better vaccination coverage.

"Over recent months, spikes in case numbers have also occurred in countries with high overall vaccination coverage, including the United well as Israel, Thailand, and Tunisia, as the disease has spread fast among clusters of unvaccinated people," the WHO said.