Fifty new jobs are to be created in Wicklow by an Irish solar energy services company.

Crowley Carbon is to invest €10 million in three projects with the aim of increasing the amount of solar energy produced here by 50%.

The move will bring to 250, the number of people employed by the Enniskerry based firm, both in Ireland and internationally in over 18 countries.

The business is working on projects in Ghana, Mexico and Poland and has already finished a 6 Megawatt (MW) solar installation in the UK.

Crowley Carbon provides energy services to a range of corporate clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Associated British Foods and Proctor and Gamble.

"Ireland's position on Solar is unfortunately quite poor, with our installed base of solar standing at a mere 8 MW in contrast to the UK, with similar sunlight, having 1,600 times more solar than we do," said founder and chief executive, Norman Crowley.

"There are many myths in relation to Solar that need to be debunked, with a general understanding that because it rains a lot here in Ireland, we have little or no hope of generating electricity from the sun, which is simply not true."

He said the company's aim is to install over 1,000 MW of solar energy here between now and 2024  a move, it is claimed, that would reduce Ireland's carbon emissions by 250,000 tonnes every year.

Crowley Carbon is one of a growing number of firms entering the solar energy generation space here, as the push continues to decarbonise the sector.