A 19-year-old student at the University of Limerick died when she sustained severe head injuries after falling down a stairs at her student accommodation in September 2017.

Sophie Coll, from Barna in Co Galway, who was studying international business studies at UL, was joined by friends at her student home at College Drive in Castletroy on the night of 25 September 2017.

A group of four of them were climbing a stairs and were about six or seven steps up when one of them wobbled, causing a domino effect colliding with Sophie at the end of the group, and she fell hitting her head on the tiled hall floor.

She suffered a fracture to her skull causing traumatic brain injuries from which she did not recover. She died the following day at University Hospital Limerick.

Her inquest heard today that an ambulance called to the scene in Castletroy had to come from Nenagh, Co Tipperary, and it took 40 minutes to arrive in Limerick.

But this time factor would not have made any difference, as Ms Coll had suffered severe head injuries.

Coroner John McNamara recorded a verdict of accidental death.

He said it sounded like a freak accident, which happened when four young friends were climbing a stairway, when one fell and it had a domino effect.

Mr McNamara said that while Sophie did not fall from a great height, she fell onto a hard surface. The inquest also heard that she was wearing runners, not high heels, at the time.

While the group of friends had had a few drinks, the coroner ruled that alcohol was not a factor in her death.

Her father, Rory Coll, said Sophie's organs were donated after her death.

Sophie’s friends from Coláiste Iognaid (Jes College) in Galway, where she went to school, have since organised a charity ball, 'Sophie's Ball', in her memory, from which a number of charities have benefitted.