The Irish Medical Organisation has said it hopes over the coming weeks to reach an agreement with the Government on a new deal for GPs.

The IMO said that GP care will be extended to more patients.

In a notification to its members, it said that the reversal of past cuts to GP fees must happen, but it will come with some productivity measures.

"While it is easy for others to set red lines such as full reversal of FEMPI without preconditions that is not negotiation, that is rhetoric which will not deliver anything tangible", the union said.

Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act (FEMPI) cuts were imposed on family doctors during the recession.

The IMO said that a whole new GP contract is not envisaged, and that extra funding for new services over several years is being sought instead.

It said there will be funding for new services like chronic diseases and building up nursing capacity in general practice.

The union has been involved in intensive talks for the past three months with the Department of Health and the HSE. 

Its notification to members said it was prepared to walk away from any deal that is not in the interests of general practice.

The IMO notification comes as a separate, rival organisation, the National Association of GPs, prepares to hold a national day of action outside the Dáil on Wednesday, over Government funding for the family doctor service and related issues.