A report into the death of a crewman off the Co Dublin coast last year has called for a campaign to illustrate the dangers of drug and alcohol use on the operators of fishing vessels.

The Marine Casualty Investigation Board made the recommendation following an investigation into the drowning of Jamie McAllister in May 2017.

The 28-year-old and his uncle Keith McAllister, the Skipper, were not wearing personal flotation devices when their fishing vessel capsized in Skerries Harbour - while dredging for razors and clams.

The MCBI report says the 'FV Shanie Boy' rapidly lost stability when the dredge filled with stones and became dislodged from the gantry, causing the boat to list and capsize.

Keith McAllister was rescued from the water a short time later by the Skerries Inshore Lifeboat. The body of his nephew was recovered from the sea the following day.

The MCBI said: "The coroner's autopsy report states that death was due to drowning with evidence of recent ingestion of cocaine and cannabis. The conclusions of the coroner's autopsy report are provisional at the time of publication of this report. Determination of death causation is a matter for the coroner's inquest."

The report concluded that if the two men had been wearing Personal Flotation Devices it is likely they would both have remained afloat as the boat sank.

The MCIB has also recommended the relaunching of the campaign to highlight the requirement to wear PFDs or life jackets on all fishing vessels at all times.

Reporting: Fergal O'Brien