An independent member of Cork County Council has indicated his intention to seek the council's endorsement of journalist Gemma O'Doherty to run in the Presidential Election, after the council failed to endorse any prospective candidate at a meeting this morning.

Resolutions to support the endorsement the candidacy of Seán Gallagher and Joan Freeman were due to be put to councillors this morning.

However, as both have already secured their nominations by being endorsed by four other local authorities, these resolutions were withdrawn.

Independent Councillor Diarmaid Ó Cadhla indicated that he intends to propose another prospective candidate for endorsement by the council.

Afterwards he confirmed that the prospective candidate would be Ms O'Doherty.

The council is expected to discuss the issue again at its meeting on 24 September.

Meanwhile, Dublin City Council has voted not to nominate any candidate for President after hearing from six prospective candidates this afternoon.

Ms O'Doherty attended the meeting along with Dragon's Den investor Peter Casey, performer Sarah Louise Mulligan, former civil servant Marie Goretti Moylan, farmer John Groake and local radio presenter Norma Burke all made presentations.

Councillors then voted that they would not nominate anyone.

Additional reporting John Kilraine