A woman suffering from terminal cervical cancer is urging Minister for Health Simon Harris to make provisions that would allow her to access the same drug that has helped shrink Vicky Phelan's tumour.

Áine Morgan, from Loughrea in Co Galway, was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer in October 2015.

She is appealing to Minister Harris to make Pembrolizumab available to all cervical cancer patients.

She said she would say to Mr Harris: "I'm 43 years of age. I've been through hell and back over the last few years. You have paid €7,500 every three weeks for the previous drug I was on. So, what's the difference when you're going that extra bit more when you're saving a life?

"You can't put a cost on people's lives, please get a plan in place we just want to live."

Ms Morgan was told recently that a new tumour had appeared. She is due to begin radiotherapy next week.

She said: "My options are very limited once I finish my next bout of radiation. I will not be able to have any more radiation as that option will be exhausted."

She said that a three-week supply of Pembrolizumab would cost €8,500. 

"I know this drug will help me. Time is not an option for me and I can't wait another three years to see if it 'might' be approved for cervical cancer," she said.